Four new Tattoo care Tips

Plenty of information is available with regards to new tattoo care. Many tattoo enthusiasts have different recommendations and one would easily get lost in the clutter. A task as simple as looking for the best lotion for tattoos would prove quite hard. To evade such a struggle, here are four summarized tips in general. They seek to ensure the investment made in getting a tattoo does not go down the drain. For instance, it would be too bad to have the tattoo fade and become a shell of its expected self. Find out how you can keep it looking vibrant among other maintenance tips.

New Tattoo Healing Process

After the art is ready, the artist usually wraps the area in a bandage. That, should be removed after a few hours of leaving the parlor. Within that time, the bandage will have kept off germs and any fluid oozing from the area will be held in the bandage. Thus, your clothes do not get stained in the after hours of tattooing. Beddings too get spared of any fluids and that would at times mean removal of the bandage after one day. Either way, keep the bandage on for as long as you foresee contact with irritants, but not more than one day.

Initial Tattoo Healing Steps

While you might want to take a shower, that is not advisable for the first two days. Needless to say, submerging the tattooed area in too much water is a big no. Therefore, pools, Jacuzzis, beaches, and tubs are a big no. Just stay indoors as too much sunlight is not advisable in equal measure. For tattoo cleaning needs, use antibacterial fragrance-free soaps. Clean your hands before engaging in tattoo cleaning. Then, rub the soap in some lukewarm water and in gentle circular motions, clean the tattooed area.

Give your art some Breathing Space

The first step in letting some air in is the bandage removal. Even after cleaning, air drying is most encouraged as there is least interference. At times you might even have to pat it with some paper towel to get rid of excessive sweat. Moisture in excess could affect the healing process negatively. During the healing process, watch out for puss, redness, or excessive swelling. Such observations should call for a medical checkup as they mean there is an infection.

What to do After the Tattoo has Dried Up

Even after fully drying up, one ought to keep the area clean and moisturized. However, not all lotions are suitable, with only those that are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and non-greasy best advised. Also, application should be done sparingly and gently. Lubriderm has been widely acclaimed as suitable for the initial healing stages. Petroleum based lotions are to be avoided as they lead to fading out as ink seeps out. Thus, the lotion used needs to be water-based. Yet, too much application could mean clogged up pores. A simple test on suitability is if the skin itches after application. If so, wash off the area and do not use that particular lotion again. Moisturizers solely dedicated to tattoo care might be a bit expensive but are totally worth the price.


The 2-3 weeks of tattoo healing might seem like an eternity. Nonetheless, they should be held in high regard and every recommendation followed faithfully. They are nothing compared to the expected lifespan of your newly acquired tattoo. A deep understanding of the tips listed above will ensure the healing process ends fruitfully. Otherwise, and as aforementioned, there is plenty of information out there including that which your artist will give.

Awesome Peacock Design Tattoos

Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. They are tender, colorful and full of feminine grace and manly pride. These praise-worthy qualities make them quite sough-after when it comes to tattoo choices for men as well as women. The latter i.e. the women are simply crazy after the peacock feather tattoo. They love the bird and like to decorate their body parts with the tattoos of peacock feather. Men too like peacock feather and can be seen sporting the soft and soothing tattoo on their different body parts.

Top Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girl

Now a day’s tattoo is becoming the most important part of everyone’s life, but especially it become popular in the women and the girls. There are many types of tattoos are designed on the body of the girls and the women. Tattoos are important for the girls and the women because of the tattoo they can easily express their feelings and if we talk about the butterfly tattoo then it is the most expensive tattoo among all the design of tattoos for the girls and women. If we talk about girls and women they are very soft in nature from which they like this type of tattoos like flowers, stars, butterfly and many more. Among all the design of the butterfly tattoo is the most catchy tattoo for the girls and the women and also it will make attention of the peoples also.

Now we are going to tell you about the butterfly tattoo and why it is important for the women and why they like this tattoo more. The reason behind this is the girls like more colors in their life and they want to enjoy the life with full color and the butterfly is the fullness of colors. This is the reason why the girls and the women likes the butterfly tattoo very much and there is one more reason from which they like this butterfly tattoo and that is they like freedom in life to do anything which they want. There are so many designs are available in the market of butterfly tattoo and mostly we can spot a girl with this kind of tattoo.

This kind of tattoo is the showing the symbol of the happiness and girls use this tattoo, but expressing their feelings that they want happiness in their life, this is the reason why the girls choose this type of tattoo. There is one more reason why girl like these these butterfly tattoos, Some of the culture believe that the wings of the butterfly is very lucky for the girls in love, this is one of the most important reason girl like this tattoo because  love is the only thing which they want in there life and find the perfect soul mate who can make there life full of happy and love.There are plenty of places where the girls and the women inked these tattoos like upper back, neck, shoulders, Chest, arms and many more places where these tattoos can be visible to other. Young girls make this kind of tattoo just in a believe that they will find a true love in their life and the married girl believe that there life become more happy and their partner love them very much. Whenever the girls and the women try to make a first tattoo on the body, they give preference to this kind of tattoo and they feel that this tattoo must be very attractive and good looking so that it will increase the beauty of the girl and she looks different from the others. This is some of the reason why the girls like this kind of butterfly tattoo.


Here is Top  List of Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girl /Women

1. Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girl


2.Back Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girl


3.Neck Butterfly Tattoo Designs